Is our Superhero suffering a midlife crisis?

The midlife crisis….. It’s a well-known phenomenon prevalent amongst men of a certain age when the hairline recedes and the station wagon is replaced by a convertible.
Apparently, even superheroes suffer from this curious condition, I mean Clark Kent did, so it must be real!
And so the popular IFS Service Truck fondly named after a superhero also recently got treated to a mid-life make-over. Here are the details…..

Representing the “old boys” this famous truck was originally built in the heyday of rollover protection and therefore was specified with a large rigid frame that could support the ROPs structure. Having such a staunch chassis has served the unit well and a fresh coat of paint turned it all spanking new again. …and some new graphics, I must add.

The ROPS requirement has since been superseded by most customers, but for those that still require the roll-over protection, this unit was worthwhile given the second lease on life. These days we build them with a lighter superstructure which improves handling characteristics to ensure faster response and turn around time between top-ups. The 4×4 chassis is ideally suited to this task.

Under the skin, however, this unit now features a comprehensively rebuilt pumping system equipped with the latest telemetry and controls. Let’s just say this rebuild has been on the cards for a couple of years, while technology wasn’t standing still. Our sister company Lumier, who has been developing the electronic control systems for as long as we have been building trucks, supplied us with the latest technology in level and pressure control along with their latest generation of operator interface, allowing everything to happen from the central control station, “on the ground”.

Being “on the ground: cannot be over emphasised as many of our competior product require the operator to actually get ON the unit to reach critical controls and do daily check, increasing the risk of slip and fall associated with clambering up and down from service platforms.

Although Hulk still looks like a brick long-drop, the heart of him is now pure telemetry, speed and power. The archaic “blue box” as we have come to know the Hectronic monitoring and dispense system, that served us well for so many years, has been replaced with the tiny but potent Lumier Control System that not only offers more functionality and improved operator engagement, also weighs a fraction of the podgy Blue Box while operating at warp speed and logging every move along the way.

Further upgrades include the modern 360 lighting package and improved compressor cooling system. This, along with a thorough go-through of all the pumps and reels will ensure that Hulk packs the punch we’ve come to expect. 

Congrats to the Tankkraft team for a job well done. Superheroes indeed.

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