Technical Bulletin August 2019

The Meclube Industrial Hose Reel range comes in three main size models to accommodate your needs. The Manual Series is a valid alternative to the spring return hose reels, especially when you have a large quantity of hose to rewind.

Your best selection can be made, not only according to the length or size of hose required, but also accordingly to the correct pressure needed to support the type of product you are using the reel for.

  • Model MI-630 capacity is 30m of 1” hose
  • Model MI-640 capacity is 46m of 1” hose
  • Model MI-650 capacity is 61m of 1” hose

It is a great combination when quality and practically come together… and that is exactly what you will get from this Cart Trolley, brought to you by the IFS Team.

This unit has a large area enabling you to safely move a lot of tools or serviceable product items around at one time, and with the two strong wheels fitted, you are able to move around site with ease. The trolley will stand securely when not being used as the front legs will ensure it is balanced in place.

  • Capacity: 200kg
  • Width: 475mm
  • Length: 825mm
  • Depth: 400mm
  • Finish: Powder Coated
  • Wheel ø: 350mm

LUMIER® control systems provide a central information hub for peripheral systems on mobile and stationary equipment.

These systems are designed and created in-house by well-trained IFS team members to ensure you have access to all the information you would require to check that your equipment is being operated safely and monitor a variety of factors such as consumption levels; temperature levels; pressure levels and engine rpm.

A strong range within the LUMIER® offering would be our Terrain Monitoring development range. A carefully designed program working in conjunction with our laser units, can ensure your operator and machine are always working safely.

The “MC80” Manual Nozzle is designed for diesel fuel transfer. Made up of an aluminium body and rotary steel fitting as well as a fitted plastic handle for proper gripping. This nozzle is light-weight, making it comfortable to use.

No doubt that this nozzle is both practical and economical.

  • Inlet connection F 1” BSPG
  • Delivery 80 l/min
  • Weight 0,69 Kg

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