Technical Bulletin July 2019

IFS is a proud dealer for Lincoln and SKF products. Included in their range of tools would a great series of PowerLuber Grease Gun units. These units are designed to be easy and comfortable to hold and handle while operating, ensuring you are able to work through tough conditions with ease.

Units include a LED light making it easier for you to light up dimmed areas depending on the location of the equipment you are working on or the time of day.

Available in a variety of models depending on whether you have a bulk or cartridge grease application and also depending on the battery power you may require to suit your needs.

A new and improved design of the Tankkraft Waste Trolley units is now ready for manufacturing. The new design ensures each unit is not only lighter than the initial design, but also more robust and easier to handle.

The Tankkraft Waste Trolley units are still available in 150L, 300L, 400L and 600L models.

Custom designed additional fitments are available for the units such as the Close-off Door to cover the strainer area, and the Trolley Curtains to catch any liquids that splash due to swoosh movements.

The units are now standardised in Yellow, however should you require the units in an alternative colour, you may request such.

If you need to transport Diesel in bulk, why not consider this top quality Meclube package? Available straight from the IFS Team!

These rigid Polyethylene tanks are suitable for non-commercial use and contain a built-in transfer assembly consisting of a Rotary Vane Self-Priming Pump, Automatic Nozzle and delivery hose (Flow Meter fitment is optional).

For security purposes, all units are fitted with a lockable lid.

The fitted suction shut-off valve prevents leakage while in transit and the relief valve controls the tank pressures.

Require better delivery from your current Pump Set?

IFS will gladly assist with obtaining the powerful Diesel Driven Pump Set to improve your application.

Various models are available for Water and Diesel applications.

Our team is also able to assist you with developed solutions should you need one.

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