Technical Bulletin June 2019

One-size most certainly does not fit all, so why settle for a standard or manual lubrication fitment, when IFS can assist you with a high quality customised automatic lubrication solution, ensuring you don’t have to do all the greasy work yourself. Our Automatic Lubrication solutions are not limited to Centromatic or Progressive systems but also includes the GreaseMax Automatic Lubrication units.

Whatever machine or factory line you may have, let us provide you with the solution to ensure your equipment is well-fitted to not only work smoother but also last longer. 

Should you have an existing system fitted, IFS is also available to assist with any repairs or upgrades required.

Meclube Pneumatically powered Grease Pumps work effectively to distribute grease with ease. Offered in a variety of sizes and compression ratios to suit your application, consider obtaining the related products also available from IFS to make up a complete package, such as drum covers and follower plates to ensure no grease is wasted through contamination or loss in the drum.

Should you wish to convert from an alternative unit, we are able to assist with customised brackets to securely support the fitment should it be required.

Condition Monitoring is crucial to ensuring your “Mighty Machinery”, no matter how big or how small, is in proper condition to continue breaking new grounds for you and that they are able to work harder and last longer. We understand that downtime has a ripple effect on production, so consider this newly defined range of Sight Glasses, Pods and Hubs to ensure those one-minute checks will be more beneficial and reflect everything you need to know.

Each product line in this range works independently and has it’s own level of benefits, from basic to more complex offerings.

The selected range simply depends on what you would want to obtain from this product per inspection.

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Ensuring access in tighter enclosures and custom tank configurations is not a problem for you and your team, FloMAX has developed their great FNBL 1½” Diesel Fuel Nozzle with an extended nose.  With an extension of just 1”, this nozzle is sure to still deliver all the same benefits of the standard FNBL nozzle including an expectant delivery of over 682 LPM when connected to a 1½” hose, and 950 LPM with a 2” feed together with a high pressure nozzle shut off.

This Nozzle will not continue to flow when not connected to a receiver.

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