Technical Bulletin October 2019

The Reelcraft 9000 series Hose Reels are new to our stock range. It can hold up to 15m of ½” hose which makes it a big and beautiful lady.

Reelcraft’s spring retractable fuel delivery reels, equipped with Viton seals, incorporate metal forms to insure the greatest possible strength and are ideal for mobile and permanent-mount applications. These rugged, corrosion-resistant reels are suitable for a wide variety of fuel applications including E85.

  • Robust latching mechanism made of heavy duty cast aluminium with substantial surface area.
  • Full flow stress free swivel design combines the highest grade seal design and materials with bearing areas to ensure maximum service life
  • Declutching arbour virtually eliminates the possibility of spring damage due to reverse winding. The highest quality spring steel is used to maximise the life of the drive spring.
  • Individually powder coated components offer the maximum protection from premature corrosion.

Our spill absorbent range is as diverse as the range of spills you might encounter in your daily life in the workshop or garage. From different oils to acids and chemicals, IFS has you covered.

We even have remediation agents to remove pollutants or contaminants from environmental mediums such as soil or surface water. These are all available in loose bags of various sizes or as part of a spill kit.

  • Coco Peat for oils, diesel & fuel
  • Acid Absorbent Scatter for gels, acids & bases
  • Acid Absorbent Powder for gels, acids & bases
  • Loose Fibre Absorbent Scatter for oil, diesel & hydraulic spillages
  • Remediation Agent

FloMAX has come up with another innovation that is made available by IFS. The new Split Flange Fuel Tank Adaptor enables you to put a 2” NPT female thread into any plastic or metal tank.

The unique one-piece top design ensures a stronger and more robust seal than a traditional split flange and the trapped silicone O-ring seals to rough and uneven surfaces better than a gasket. What’s even better, everything you need to install the flange is already included in the kit, even a drill template! This makes it very easy to install. Billet aluminium construction allows for superior impact resistance and a longer life.

Meclube’s 65 litre Oil Dispenser comes supplied with a pneumatic or manual pump. The working pressure can swing between 3,5 to 8,5 bar which makes it capable of delivering oil at 13 litres per minute.

The dispenser is available in the standard Meclube Yellow but Meclube also gives you the option to colour code all your dispensers to differentiate between different oils in your workshop so it is available in any colour you specify.

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