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“In 16 years, you learn a lot”, contemplates MD Gustav Fourie, when questioned about the strategy and game plan for the prominent fluid handling company, Industrial Fluid Solutions. “Our strategy has remained consistent over the years, we believe in partnerships and aim to provide comprehensive fuel and lubricant handling solutions to heavy industries, from product and equipment selection, to storage and transport options, even including the clean-up and removal of waste products or accidental spills”. These guys leave no stone unturned when it comes to fuel and lubricant handling on site.

In an effort to provide significant savings, improved productivity and better quality through enhanced lubrication methods on the local mining scene, IFS had taken the challenge head-on, initially beginning the journey with the supply and installation of lubrication systems, to now cover an equipment and product offering for almost any on-site fluid handling.

One of the best features of modern fluid delivery systems is automation that has become available and these guys take full advantage of the technology that others are apprehensive about. Automatic lubrication systems, electronic level and flow controls, even fully automated refill systems on certain solutions are only some of the strategies employed to squeeze some additional up time out of your machine.  All this while ensuring the process is more efficient, safer, cheaper, and contaminant free.

Equipment life expectancy?

It’s a well-known fact that a mine site is one of the harshest and uncompromising environments that any piece of equipment can be exposed to and this is where IFS has cut their teeth.  Maintenance and repairs are at the order of the day for this nose to the grindstone team and through their innovative Man on Site program, the risks of opting for technology over brawn is just about mitigated through a pro-active process that places a technical consultant on your site on an ongoing basis to monitor and maintain their systems on your machine. This strategy is designed to reduce long term costs and improve operational efficiency in Fuel and Lubrication handling and application environments with peripheral engagement in Air and Coolant Systems, both on-board mobile or on bulk distribution facilities.

To keep everything in check, these tech heads invented a system they call Lumier. Based on fully potted and self-contained control units with the highest possible submersion rating, these electronic control systems bring comfort and functionality to machine operators through the use of a central information hub installed in diverse applications. Engine and Terrain Monitoring, Hydro Carbon Management as well as Operator ID and Control Integration is already part of the in-house developed software and third-party integration with CAN-bus makes for a robust platform for mobile control systems.

The ever expanding manufacturing division, Tankkraft, has built a reputation for quality and reliability in the mobile market. Starting out with service bodies for on-highway type trucks in 2003, this fledgling enterprise now manufactures small to medium sized equipment for the transport of liquid multi loads across any terrain with the intention of getting the maximum load onto a more convenient vehicle type which is more agile and economical to run.

“We pioneered the use of Polyethylene tanks in those days and still use them today”, comments Technical Director Shaun Fourie. Their advanced design concept dubbed the Canted Tank Design incorporates these Polyethylene tanks to render a lighter more stable vehicle with a substantially lower centre of gravity. This technology has taken them to new levels of safety and with their products less inclined to roll over on uneven ground, it has become a sought-after solution of many plant operators in the opencast mining world.


it’s often not the most complex systems that prove the best solution in certain circumstances. With this in mind, the quest for huge trucks and heavy pumps often needs to make way of simpler and smaller systems and these lie at the heart of processing plants all over. Anywhere there is a rotating shaft, pulley or pivot point, there is a possible application for Greasemax.

This remarkably unsophisticated piece of lubrication equipment is a true stalwart of perseverance… these single point application units are compact, and single use operation is simple and convenient. Containing no electrical or mechanical components and just one moving part, these lubricators just about eliminate the tedious labour involved in manual lubrication.

On the other hand, and possibly slightly off the slippery track, working with flammable fuels can pose various risks, especially around engine components which can reach temperatures in excess of 500 degrees C which is way above the flash point of diesel fuel. The installation of thermal protection products safeguard equipment from fire by taking away the ignition source exposure. Isn’t this a wonderful pro-active way to fight fires – ensuring they don’t start in the first place?

The decrease in the under-hood temperatures created by a turbo cover and other component insulation means that this cooler air will be entering your turbo’s induction and when it comes to turbo performance, cooler is always better! Cooler air is much denser and contains more oxygen particles which are fed into the turbo for more combustion which directly leads to an increase in horsepower and a reduction in turbo lag. “Manufactured from advanced inert materials which cannot absorb moisture, these covers are the coolest addition you can have on your truck”, laughs the eternal salesman, Gustav Fourie.

Advanced materials are not only deployed in the heat management arena, but can you believe, it is also eminent in the waste management field? These days offering a non-volatile absorbent has become the norm and safety when working with fuels, chemicals and lubricants is obviously of paramount importance. With their philosophy that every facility that deals with or handles these contaminants should be prepared and equipped with basic spill kits and decontamination procedures, IFS wants to spread their own brand of green over industry and doing quite a good job of that.

Industrial Fluid Solutions… your all-round fluid handling solutions partner.

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