Take cognisance of your environmental footprint

Environmental impact through hydrocarbon contamination in mining is of increasing concern these days. According to estimates, we waste more than two hundred million gallons of used oil each year. Or we dispose of it incorrectly (Source: American Petroleum Institute). Therefore, the time is now to start reconciling your lubricant usage. You can also deploy safe and reliable disposal to conserve natural resources and improve energy efficiency. In an effort to produce systems and equipment which promote the controlled handling of lubricants and fuel, Industrial Fluid Solutions in conjunction with US based Flomax International, has developed the IFS centralised lubrication panel which serves as an ergonomically correct access point for managing fuel and lubricants on mobile plant equipment. The robust design serves to ensure the safe and easy transfer of fluids while keeping the environment in mind.

Hydrocarbon management and fluid transfer systems are becoming increasingly critical in modern mining practice, to not only protect the bottom line, but to protect the planet through responsible corporate citizenship.

centralised lubrication panel on a mine machine

For more information on this product (or other ways to improve your hydrocarbon management on site), have a look at our online store. Or you can contact our sales team on 013 690 1175 or sales.support@ifsworld.co.za

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