Fluid delivery over challenging terrain – The Tankkraft Fluid Carrier

With the rise of the junior miner, agility has become the game changer on the African mining scene. Being able to adapt and be more versatile now offer advantages over pure bulk capacity it seems.

With over 1600 junior mining companies listed globally, there comes a need to cater for this flood of new entries to the mining arena, Tankkraft Truck bodies have scaled their offering to focus on the chassis cab style fluid carrier solutions rather than the off-road platform commonly known.

The unique design incorporates the use of individually isolatable polyethylene tanks laid in a specific sequence for optimum load distribution and housed in a steel subframe for lower dry mass to offer durability far exceeding customary steel tank construction. The combination of lower centre of gravity and far better flexibility allows the Tankkraft trucks to traverse the most challenging terrain. This, the latest design language from Tankkraft Trucks is referred to as the canted tank design which not only offer better tank clearing but actually lowers the rollover risk of the entire truck by focussing the fluid mass towards the centre for added stability.

Modern control systems on the truck ensure that operators are always aware of any faults as well as how much product they have on board, how much is dispensed, rate of discharge and various parameters of the dispense operation reducing standing times of machines and allowing better fluid handling.

With specialised adaption these trucks can be deployed in various capacities and delivery configurations to cater for oil carriers, diesel bowsers, service trucks, dust suppression, firefighting, water supply and water spraying, workshop trucks and any combinations of the all those options.

The latest in Tankkraft truck design brings convenience, safety as well as productivity to fluid carrier needs.

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