GreaseMax announces its new South African sales partnership with Industrial Fluid Solutions (IFS)

IFS have the sole distribution rights for German based single point lubricator manufacturer GreaseMax in South Africa.  GreaseMax will be an important part of IFS’s national expansion strategy.

Founded in 1992, GreaseMax bring over 25 years of industry experience and a worldwide reputation for performance and reliability to the lubrication industry. The GreaseMax product is the epitome of simplistic design which offers unquestionable reliability combined with effortless installation and trouble-free operation.

By eliminating all electrical or mechanical components from the design, GreaseMax ensures stable dosage delivery under various conditions with a standard offering of 4-time discharge configurations ranging from 1 to 12 months. The proprietary Gas Discharge Technology shows minimal performance influence under extreme temperature conditions and the sturdy plastic mounting with steel canister proves to be the most robust and cost-effective solution in the industry.

GreaseMax will lubricate the way for IFS to reach beyond mining”, states IFS founder Gustav Fourie.

With a seemingly endless list of applications this technology is suitable for any rotating component application ranging from elevators to tunnel boring machines.  In fact, single point lubrication opportunities are pertinent across many industries from agriculture to power generation, from assembly lines to railway transportation, water pumps, electric motors, packaging plants, printing presses and even the food & beverage industry with its stringent hygiene constraints and specialised lubricant requirement.

With its ease of installation and intuitive maintenance schedule options, GreaseMax offer a peace of mind solution to maintenance managers throughout Africa.

This media statement was originally published by Mining Weekly

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