Greasemax – the single point solution.

It’s time for a new take on simplicity with GreaseMax. The simple design, effortless installation and trouble-free operation gives you the peace of mind knowing your lubrication needs are taken care of without you having to put in all the effort. All you need to do it track the expiry dates on your calendar along with your club meetings and kid’s sports events and there you have it, you will always be assured that your plant is adequately lubricated. 


The GreaseMax lubricator was designed to be the simplest and most reliable form of lubrication in the world. The German designers of GreaseMax set out to deliver a product that would reliably deliver a consistent volume of lubricant over a given period of time, despite varying pressure and temperature conditions… they obviously succeeded. This device would revolutionize the world of single point lubrication over the next few decades and is still doing so today, delivering just that, consistency and reliability to overcome some of the biggest challenges associated with lubrication failure in rotary bearing applications.

Apart from basic functionality advantages – convenience, practicality and safety are also eminent. The lubricators are self-regulating and completely reliable even under vibration, temperature fluctuations and wet conditions, needing no maintenance or adjustments during its period of operation. Because the lubricator is completely sealed and semi-permanently installed, no contaminants or moisture can enter the lubrication point between exchange intervals and also negates issues like lubricant contamination, aged lubricants and most destructive of all… inconsistent dosage application!


Installation of a GreaseMax lubricator is quick and hassle-free comprising of just a few simple steps. Installation begins with screwing on the activator cap – this can be done with the aid of a screwdriver to ensure the cap is firmly tightened. Thereafter, the lubricator is to be fitted onto the pre-greased lubrication point. During the course of the installation, changeovers can be recorded for analysis to ensure they best accommodate plant or machinery maintenance schedules.


A very well timed (rather slow) chemical process is set into motion when the activator cap is tightened onto the unit and this reaction pushes a steel piston down to force out the lubricant through the discharge nozzle. This chemical reaction is designed to give a constant rate of discharge for the period of time in accordance with the respective lubricator being used, a function determined at the factory and indicated by the colour of the activation cap as discussed below. GreaseMax is a truly self-regulating automatic lubricator relying on no pre-loaded internal pressure for its operation.


GreaseMax lubricators are only available in one size, 120cc but can be filled with any lubricant your heart desires. This uniform design obviously reduces production cost but was actually driven by durability requirements because the steel and plastic housing needs to withstand huge vibration and other loads. The lubricator is available in four discharge period options including 1, 3, 6, and 12-month and is easily identifiable by the colour of the activation cap. Yes, there is no adjustment, no dials or fiddly buttons, just a sealed container that precisely and persistently pushes its cargo out of the lubrication nozzle over a pre-determined period. The choice of which lubricator to use is determined by the specific bearing dosage requirements in cc per day and is NOT lubricant or viscosity dependent.


GreaseMax units are pre-filled with a number of lubrication variants ranging from heavy industrial grease containing Molybdenum to highly refined food grade greases and other. The lubricator can in fact be filled with any high-quality lubricant that will not separate (oil out) over the installed period. Contact your local distributor for pricing on specific lubricant fills.

With a seemingly endless list of applications and advantages, there is no argument. GreaseMax is the obvious choice.

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