Quick Release DUST TUBES for Terrain Monitoring Systems

We are currently in the midst of a trend that has spread throughout industrial sectors of the entire world, a move towards safety solutions which are smaller in size, but smarter in application. And for good reason too, with the size of machines getting larger and more technical as the years go by, the last thing any operator would want is yet another additional component to the machine which takes even more space and time in its operation.

The introduction of laser detection systems is a major game changer when it comes to safety as well as productivity, removing a lot of the hold backs and restriction which come with adhering to safety standards. 

The functions and operation of the lasers are rather simple, a transmitter emits a laser light to a receiver, a detection between the transmitter and the receiver could be seen as a potential obstacle or risk to the people working around the machine, or even to the machine itself.  For more info on how you could make use of Lumier Systems, visit the IFS Website, and download the pamphlet,  or have a look at our product catalogue for the complete range of IFS offerings!

These systems are offered to come with not only a number of benefits from the laser itself, but now a component which has the ability to span even more accuracy, and not to mention making maintenance on the systems a whole lot easier! The Lumier Laser Dust Tube.  

There is no doubt that collieries and mines, whether open cast or underground, can generate a lot of dust from various sources which range from ground dust caused by vehicle or machine movement to the more extreme blasting and coal cutting. And this dust getting in the way of your laser can lead to premature a light refraction which can ultimately have an effect on the laser’s accuracy.

The main purpose of a Dust Tube is to prevent this, shielding the laser lens from particles which could find their way to settle on the face of the lens.

The Lumier Dust Tube has now been re-evaluated with functionality and practicality in mind to deliver an even more robust and purposeful product… This is what the updated Dust Tubes have to offer:

The general look and properties of the dust tubes sees its functionality elevated. Being constructed from steel and attached with lock nuts and adhesive means that the Dust Tubes will not render any vibration in rough industrial terrains and environments.

The longer length of the tube provides a larger surface area over the emitted laser where dust and other particles on the outside of the tube can be led away from the direct view of the laser. Within the tube, a static air space is created to draw dust particles onto the inner face of the tube walls and away from the lens. 

And for one of the most important features of the newly designed dust tube… the hinge. For the majority of the time, the tube is VERY beneficial to have in front of your laser system, but when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, it does not exactly create a convenient situation. Surely, we can conclude these would be much easier to do without the tube in the way, right? The hinge provides a convenient swivel point between the tube and the main plate that is to be fixed onto the machine so when needed, the tube can simply be rotated away for easy access to the laser lens and if required, the bolts as well.

To ensure the quality and functionality of the tube is kept at a peak, the hinge used is durable and heavy-duty to best suit industrial and mining environments. Paired with this are high strength magnets fitted onto the tube to ensure that when it is closed… it stays closed! While at the same time, further enhancing on its feature of zero vibration when used on-site.

Such a simple piece of equipment with the capability to make such a difference… all while bringing you convenience and reliability. The future is now! 

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