Technical Bulletin April 2019

Progressive Grease Combo Kits can be customised to meet your requirements. With standard options available from IFS, including HP Hose, Spiral Sleeving and a variety of Grease Fittings, these are conveniently packed into a secured case, allowing you to carry the spares around without being concerned that spares may be misplaced. Kits can be topped up as required.

Some spills are out of control, but an effective clean up is in our control. Water pollution from oils and other chemicals are extremely dangerous and in an effort to correct such contamination, the Absorbent Socks and Booms are a great product, for use on both land and water, Booms and Socks float on water as they are successfully designed to not absorb water. Once filled to their full capacity, they do not sink and cannot be wrung out, giving you peace of mind to knowing the chemicals or oils absorbed are locked in.

Absorbent Pillows are also perfect to have on hand to quickly and successfully clean up a light spill. Like the Booms and Socks, they too do not absorb water and cannot be wrung out or washed out for reuse. Ensure these items are disposed of correctly after use.

*Available in a variety of sizes

Customised flow bin assemblies to meet your needs in the workshop are possible with IFS. To be one step closer to ensuring your refilling tasks are hassel-free, simply let your IFS Consultant know exactly what product you wish to dispense, how many litres you desire to pump and the distance it needs to reach, and we can assist to make life in the workshop a much happier place to work.

In an aim to avoid any accidental contamination the FloMAX Flush Face Coupler range is available in more than ten colours to cover multiple products. These units are designed to use an internally sealed ball lock mechanism to ensure trouble free performance even in the most harsh of conditions. The hardened Stainless Steel receiver nose ensures that these couplers can be operated at a higher pressure than many other dry-break connectors and can be connected and disconnected under pressure. 

To complete your system, this range includes a Universal Evacuation Nozzle.

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