Technical Bulletin February 2019

IFS is very excited to be an official distributor of high performance FUCHS Products. Top quality oils and greases to exceed your expectation, whatever your application may be… Some things are not worth compromising, and proper lubrication is one of them, because every hard working machine deserves only the very best to keep it going strong.

IFS is ready to assist with any specific mobile lubrication solutions you may need. Tankkraft custom design and manufacture mobile skid units that are powered by a battery pack or a diesel driven generator, to fit on a Single or Double Cab LDV with a number of functions to meet your needs.

We also have a wide range of skid options for your workshop or trailer base.

Skid units are easy to move with a forklift.


** Simply speak to an IFS Sales Superhero today to discover your solution.

As that of the industry leading FloMAX FNBL Fuel Nozzle already offered by IFS, we now bring you the same great quality in the FloMAX FX1500 Fuel Nozzle.

This larger 2” fuel nozzle has the highest flow rate in the industry at over 400GPM (1500 LPM). This unit is a simple upgrade from the standard 1½” system and must be used with the FloMAX FRX Fuel Receiver only. The FX1500 is easy to clean and maintain in the field with the removable pullback assembly.

Meclube offer their coated workshop equipment products in a range of colours, making quick product identification possible for you and your team. Effective option to eliminate any uncertainty of what lubricant is being used, thus avoiding cross contamination of products…

Especially if your equipment is not tagged correctly or if you are relying on old product labels that fall off often or one that can no longer be read properly.

Why not take advantage of this great offering today. Simply select your Meclube product and preferred colours.

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