Technical Bulletin July 2018

We are so EXCITED about the latest FloMAX stock consignment arriving in July as we have a bulk order of the FNBL fuel nozzles arriving and they have been anodized GREEN just for us so be sure to check them out when they arrive!

These “beauts” are still of top quality and certain to deliver over 682 LPM and keep all users with a big smile on their face!

This range of Dispense Units are great as they are Heat & Chemical resistant; Manufactured from HDPE Incorporating anti-static agents and UV radiation stabilisers; Strong and able to survive the toughest conditions; and last but not least, they are RUST PROOF. The Drums come in five sizes and can be matched with any of the special purpose lids. The Lids are fully interchangeable with each of the drum sizes available in this range. Simply have your client select the most suitable lids for the lubrication work. Lubricants can be colour coded with the matching Contents Labels.

Ensuring the right oil gets into the right machine – every time!

[Different Spout options are available.]

If there is a client that requires a Double Diaphragm pump underground, be sure to check out the Polyethene pumps that are available in a variety of sizes in our stock. We are currently carrying stock of a wider range of sizes in the Aluminium range as well. All models to accommodate fluids such as: Oil | Exhausted Oil | Fuel.

Additionally, there has been a change implemented whereby the Meclube model A550 has been discontinued, and has been replaced by model A400, but remains a 1 ½”unit.

What do you need from a Power Washer? PRESSURE AND FLOW!!

Well, a new product has become available to IFS. Consider this Wall Mounted Car Wash Pressure Washer.

(Max Pressure: 100Bar | Water Flow: 12.2 l/m).

IFS currently has limited stock on hand of 1 ½” Ultimate Duty Spring Return Reels. Ideal for permanent service or plant work areas as they can be mounted firmly. Max hose to be fitted is 15mtr and these reels are suitable for Diesel and Oil. They are BARE.

Image may vary from product, so be sure to ask our IFS Storemen to look at item EQM-MEC-E62.

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