Technical Bulletin March 2019

This Spill Containment unit is a great item to have handy regardless of the size of the leaking machine or vehicle you may be working on.

This unit can be easily transported when rolled up and contains a mat, with an absorbent capacity of up to 10Ltr, which can be easily replaced when necessary. This mat will lock in the lubricants and cannot be wrung out or reused. The PVC holder is heavy duty and is weighed down to prevent winds from blowing it over easily.

The standard PVC holder is 800mm x 1.5m, however, both the PVC holder and absorbent mat can be manufactured to your desired specifications.

CUSTOMISED TO MEET YOUR NEEDS, IFS is now able to custom fill any of the GreaseMax Automatic Lubricators with a grease of your choice.

You have the option to supply the grease to us, or simply purchase the desired grease from us. Should you wish to supply your own grease, ensure that the grease container is sealed upon delivery so both parties are certain the grease is not contaminated.

A wide range of compatible fittings and extensions are also available ensuring you can install a reliable GreaseMax unit in any of those hard to reach areas.

As part of the offering from Tankkraft, we bring you our own custom designed and manufactured Pressure Washer Trailer, complete with the Trailer Registration Documentation.

Volume Options;

  • 1000Ltr or 2500Ltr

Standard Features;

  • Double Axle Trailer
  • 200 Bar Diesel Electric Start Motor
  • Electric Driven
  • 10mtr Hose with Nozzle
  • Reel/s
  • 14” Wheels
  • Brake System
  • Spare Wheel
  • Fire Extinguisher

A variety of trailer units are also available for rental purposes on a Daily | Weekly | Monthly basis depending on your requirement.

In an aim to help you protect your machinery, we continue to bring you custom engineered thermal insulation to reduce the risks associated with thermic contact or losses.

Thermal protection items are simple to install and fasten. These Insulation Protection pieces can be fitted on any workshop-based equipment; mine machinery or heavy-duty vehicle, which includes heat protection sleeves and wraps for hoses and piping.

Made up of a variety of technologically advanced materials, protection covers can be customised to your standard, knowing what heat your protection can be tolerated and ensuring you have peace of mind.

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