Technical Bulletin November 2018

IFS are very proud to not only bring FloMAX products straight to your door, but also have skilled technical staff to commence with installations to suit your needs.

One of our favourite products is the FloMAX EXTERNAL Non-Pressurised Fuelling System.

The FloMAX external line system can flow over 500 GPM, which is higher rates than other competitors.

Some other great features include:

  • The integrated roll over spill protection;
  • Optional rotation vent top;
  • Compatible with all tank types (plastic and steel);
  • Design reducing foaming and increases flow due to an unrestricted “straight through” flow path;
* Illustration indicates an External Tank Empty and an External Tank Full

Here we have a Meclube Turbine Digital Flow Meter that features high precision performance for the measurement of non-commercial use diesel. Applicable on the motor pumps or direct fitment onto a dispensing nozzle.
Perhaps reviewing the features of this meter will confirm it is the unit you need to get your hands on today.


MGE-110 MIN-MAX Flow Rate: 5-110 l/min;

An installed laser unit is a very crucial piece of equipment to protect and ensure is always operating accurately… Hence the desire for a dust tube. The general purpose of the dust tube is to prevent premature light refractions from the laser which could be caused from dust passing or settling in the view of the lasers or on the face on the laser lens.

With a dust tube installed, dust on the outside of the tube can now settle on the wall of the tube, and dust which makes its way within the tube will settle on the inside wall of the tube, either way, the dust will now not be in the way of the emitted laser. This new design contains a hinge which allows the tube to be swivelled away from the lens face.

Also, this newly designed tube is much more robust, as it is now made from steel and other heavy duty components such as a high-quality hinge and high strength magnets. This makes the new design more suited towards the harsh African environments.

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