Technical Bulletin October 2018

Perfect for any workshop environment, IFS offer a range of Meclube trolleys allowing you to effectively transport drums or barrels of different sizes and weights (within range 16<220KG) without putting any extra strain on your own body to do so. Range includes smaller trolley units with 2-wheels, and up to larger ones with 4-wheels. Selected units include a band to fix the drum to ensure it is transported safely and does not tip over.

The larger trolleys include a base allowing you to also have a hose reel fitted should it be desired.

At times spillages cannot be prevented so be sure to rather be prepared for these unexpected clean-ups. There are specific corrective measures to be taken to ensure your work area is safe and environment protected.

IFS offer a variety of Spill Kits combos and also supply inventory separately. Products of top quality, from coco peat; peat moss; absorbent pillows and socks; variety of waste bags; wheelie bins and even the appropriate shovels; brooms and basic PPE to make the clean-up a simple yet effective task.

** Options are available depending on the specific type of spillage.

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