The future of fluid handling is… multi coloured

In fact, if it was up to Industrial Fluid Solutions, the future of fluid handling solutions would be eyeball searing!

The logic behind this kaleidoscopic approach to fluid management lies in product differentiation in the fight against contamination and to further elaborate on an age-old concept that prevention is better than cure.

Recent studies have found that contamination levels as low as 0.02 percent (200 parts per million) can have an effect on equipment life, and repairs on these machines and equipment can use as much as 30% of total maintenance budget while less than 0.5% of this budget is spent on lubrication itself (Source: ExxonMobil Case Study) .

Multi-coloured equipment? This might not fit in with your carefully developed monotone workshop pallet design, but the benefits are abundant and at the top of the list sits “product separation”. This basic principle dictates that through colour coding, users can successfully differentiate between products.

Apart from the above, multi-coloured equipment also brings about other benefits such as increased visual appeal to improve housekeeping standards, added safety awareness through visual impact and improved ergonomics based on workspace layout options.

Being able to present an item in the colour of your choice means you can improve brand awareness or keep things totally generic, whichever better suits your operation, basically opening the portal to optimum colour coordination and characterisation.

At IFS we understand that deep down in every rugged engineering type lurks a creative masterpiece, so now you can really splash out on that pretty workshop layout you’ve been dreaming about, in techni-colour.

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