Manufacturing. Our Passion

IFS has always had a passion for manufacturing. That’s where it all started. The plan was, and always has been, to supply the mining industry with products that would make the everyday, dangerous, mining environment a safer, more efficient (and exciting!) workplace.

IFS supplies, manufactures and fit fully equipped and self-sufficient units to truck chassis. We make sure that this meets the required specifications for on road use as well.
We fit these units with all the necessary tanks and equipment to deliver Multiple Products to mobile and immobile equipment on the mine. The refill and transfer of fluids happens by means of a closed coupled system wherever practical. We do this while keeping environmental, as well as contamination issues relevant to your operations, in mind
In addition, these unit offer some storage space for basic tools and spares. The Combination Vehicle Mass also doesn’t exceed the manufacturer’s maximum axle loading specification.

Safety and Convenience

Nobody wants a Service Truck operator to have to climb the actual truck to reach or activate pumps, hoses or meters. This adds extra dangers to the operator which might get him (or her) hurt! Therefore, we provide walkways, access ladders and handrails to allow personnel access to the pumps and control systems so they can carry out their routine maintenance. Even so it will still be better to rather do daily checks from the ground level.
The control systems are user-friendly to improve productivity. For example, the operator can activate pumps from a central control station. This way he can control pump functions while also checking the meters. This means he can then quickly shut everything off to prevent over filling or spillage. We also install an emergency stop.
To stop the machine from releasing the park brake while the machine is operational, we’ve fitted it with interlocks. We also provide space for manual isolation valves and electrical lockouts. This makes all systems safe before doing any maintenance. We’ve even installed manual shut-off valves to make servicing even easier. This means you can still use the truck while maintenance is happening!
We’ve housed precious equipment in a steel enclosure with access doors. This is for personnel to safely access equipment for upkeep purposes. There is adequate ventilation for personnel who access this enclosed area.

How de we do it?

  • We build a steel frame and enclosure to house and protect all equipment. This includes pumps, hose reels, meters and valves (controls). Because the operating environment for the unit is harsh, we observe, and deal with, structural rigidity and integrity as needed.
  • We provide internal brackets and mounting points for the above mentioned equipment. This is also properly supported. If you prefer, we install extra internal and external lights. This is in addition to the standard low- and high-level rear driving light and the strobe lights.
  • We fit aluminium access doors with heavy duty lockable latches and opening struts. This is to facilitate access to hose ends, meters and controls. Access to the compressor for maintenance purposes will be similar. We’ve designed these doors with a double lip design to ensure that water and dirt don’t get in. We finish this off with dust proof, oil resistant Nitrile seals.
  • We only use stainless steel bolts with galvanized flat washers and nylock nuts. We seal these with Loctite thread locking liquid, Loctite gasket maker liquid and Loctite thread sealing liquid. We use hydraulic type welded mounting brackets (saddle with a plastic insert) to secure all pipes and hoses.
  • The steel frame housing of the polyethylene tank has a self-supporting bottom plate. We manufacture this housing either from galvanised or powder coated steel. We bolt it directly to the structure (not wooden pallets). The rotor-moulded Polyethylene tank is formed of one piece of plastic. It has a minimum wall thickness of 6mm and a removable lid. It also has a 2” stainless steel outlet valve. The SABS has approved these tanks for the transport of hazardous fluids and oil.
service truck dash with dispense nozzles
service truck interface

Extra attention to detail

  • Closed loop type couplers are located at a handy level for ground level access. These couplers are used to refill tanks and they have an auto shut off function. You can find these on the side of the truck. We attach ID tags at every refill point. While using the closed loop refill system, no cross contamination can occur.
  • We fit ID tags that are visible from the ground level when you are outside. They are also visible from the walkway if inside.These tags are for all major components, tanks, hoses and dispensers. This clearly indicates each product or service and also the maximum pressure allowed. We engrave, rather than print, the ID tags.
  • There is provision for adequate clamping of all hydraulic and pneumatic pipes.
  • We bead blast and paint the steel structure with a polyurethane coating system (Selemix).
  • We use CAT standard electrical harnesses with Deutsch connectors. There is provision for trunking or braided sleeving of all electrical cables and connectors. We mark all wiring according to the electrical drawings from our customers. Electronic control systems are rated at IP 67.
  • There are Steel Platform Mounting brackets and a spring tensioned bolt arrangement.

And lastly, we supply complete service manuals with our service units. These service manuals contain the following information:

  • Specifications on all equipment
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Pneumatic and electrical diagrams

Some of our service trucks we’ve built exclusively to rent out. If you’re interested to get to know Hulk, Golden Phoenix or Kong please contact our sales team.

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