A reveal like no other - Electra Mining 2018

 2018-08-30 03:53 PM by

IFS Heroes

Founding member of IFS, Gustav Fourie promises that if you were to visit Electra Mining Africa 2018, you might get more than expected…

Industrial Fluid Solutions (IFS) will be there to celebrate their 15th anniversary in their usual flamboyant style. Apparently they will have their own brand of superheroes at Electra Mining Africa this year.

“So come sample our magic green potion and meet the team who makes it all happen” Yes that’s right, their boss man reckons that all his employees are Superheroes so he’s going to get them all up in superhero suits for the occasion... you better believe that awesome team from Mpumalanga, coal country, will be donning their capes in hall 9 to celebrate 15 years of being awesome!

So how did all of this come about? We asked the man of the moment and, of course, he didn’t have a straight answer, but opted to relate a rather tall tale of intrigue and fantasy…

“It all started in the country side, in an average house, in a quiet suburb, where everything is pretty mundane and life is actually rather boring...

It was the year 2003, just after the invention of slap stick television and moments after the millennial IT non-event. It was late in the afternoon... a regular sleepy day, a Wednesday I believe, when suddenly, through the windows a bright light appeared in the dreary little house’s garage. Some neighbours report a loud grinding sound could be heard, like a chainsaw, but this is unconfirmed.

Then suddenly smoke filled the room and poured out from under the doors…

Ka - Bam!!! The door shattered into pieces with an earth shattering noise as a figure appears through the haze... who is it!! WHAT is it??? It’s... It’s... it’s IFS!!!” shouted Mr Fourie excitedly.

It took a while for him to regain composure before he continued in a subdued tone, “Okay perhaps there wasn’t that much smoke... or noise, but there was a distinct BANG when IFS was conceived” he proclaimed with a wide grin.

That was 15 years ago and since then, this little company from the country side, started by two Fourie brothers and Mrs Fourie (Gustav’s wife at the time) has grown to employ over 70 people and serve a customer base covering a large portion of the African continent. These boys have never looked back and from humble beginnings to industry leaders in such a short time speaks of dedication not often encountered these days.

In fact, the IFS group of companies have deployed a lateral growth strategy which see them operating across various platforms and markets which include Manufacturing, Distribution and Consulting.

When Mr. Fourie was given the chance to comment on this, yes you guessed it, he obviously just had to add his personal flair to the story...”Let’s introduce the heroes,” he piped up with vigour, “First up... well of course IFS will have to be first, he is the leader after all. The boldest, bravest, most clever… “.

IFS, Fuel and Lubrication Handling consultants, with well-established field service capability and expert solutions to deliver turnkey projects to the heavy industrial and mining sectors.

Tankkraft, the manufacturing division of the IFS Group producing those specialised service trucks that everybody wants, designed to survive the African mining terrain and deliver fuel and lubricants when the going gets tough.

Fluidtrans is the distribution and logistics division of the IFS group. They understand that inventory is key in a highly competitive market and employ online transacting to service their growing customer base. The need to streamline the way we buy and sell and stock products has become more important than ever before.

Lumier is the technology division of the IFS group. In an ever changing world you have to move with technology or get left behind. With a view on increased operator awareness and data feedback as well as transactional and operational control capability, Lumier Control Systems provides a central information hub for peripheral systems on mobile and stationary equipment.

Leading the way to advancements never before imagined, four heroes have come together to create a team that understands the trends and forces that shape our future and drive toward innovation and forward thinking. 

These so called Superheroes of industrial Fluid Solutions will be live on the stand at Electra Mining from the 10 – 14 September 2018.