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  • Beyond Mining!

    “In 16 years, you learn a lot”, contemplates MD Gustav Fourie, when questioned about the strategy and game plan for the prominent fluid handling company, Industrial Fluid Solutions. “Our strategy has remained consistent over the years, we believe in partnerships and aim to provide comprehensive fuel and lubricant handling solutions to heavy industries, from product and equipment selection, to storage and transport options, even including the clean-up and removal of waste products or accidental spills”. These guys leave no stone unturned when it comes to fuel and lubricant handling on site.

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  • Technical Bulletin - January 2019

    GreaseMax® Automatic Lubricator units are a chemical operating system rather than an electrical (battery powered) operation.

    GreaseMax® lubricators are based on a simple and successfully proven design concept. One that is certain to deliver:

    • accurate discharge
    • simple and easy use
    • reliable operation in all situations – hot, cold, moving, vibrating, wet,underwater, on feed lines; 
    • NO electrical components; 
    • NO mechanical components; 

    These units however are NOT refillable as a refillable product is more complex, one which would require a relatively time-consuming change-over of batteries and grease cartridges.

    For assistance with your desired application of the GreaseMax® units, IFS is here for you! 

    Sample units are available*