• Service Trucks, Diesel Bowser, Water Bowsers
  • Workshop Installations of Diesel and Lubrication Bays
  • Service Skids and Tank sets mounted on LDV's and Trailers
  • Kidney Filtration Systems
  • Fuel Bays, Tank Farm, Hydrocarbon Management, Workshop Equipment

Tankkraft is a division of the IFS Group, with a focus on CAD and project development. Proudly producing South African made products and developing Fuel and Lubrication management projects for the heavy mining equipment market.

The manufacturing of specialised mobile service units designed for the dispensing of fuel and lubricants, has secured Tankkraft's position as a leader in the off-highway transport industry.

The complete range of mobile units is designed to withstand the rigorous opencast mining environment and can be equipped to carry any combination of fluids such as wash water, fuel, grease as well as specialised tools and equipment to get the job done in the pit.

Take advantage of our 15 years of experience in fuel and lube handling to ensure that you have the most reliable and efficient on-site support fleet out there.


Tankkraft Service Trucks

Tankkraft Service Trucks

Tankkraft Waste Trolley

Tankkraft Skids