3/4″ Receiver Navy


3/4″ Couplers FloMAX, Engine, Receiver, Navy

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3/4″ Receiver Navy

Flomax International 3/4″ Series connectors consist of 6 color-coded non-interchangeable nozzle and receiver sets. The patented design helps prevent cross-contamination of fluids with mismatched connectors. The connectors are 100% metal components. Wear parts are stainless steel. We make the wear resistant parts with aircraft-grade anodized aluminum. Aluminum caps are sealed with O-rings to prevent contamination.

200 psi working pressure
500 psi burst pressure rated
Maximum flow rate of 45 gpm at 70 PSI

For more information on the FloMAX 3/4″ Receiver Navy you can download the FloMAX Catalogue from our website or visit the FloMAX International website

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