Extended Nose Fuel Nozzle 1½”


FloMAX Extended Nose Fuel Nozzle 1½” with Ball Locking Mechanism,  Swivel & Plug

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Extended Nose Fuel Nozzle 1½” with Ball Locking Mechanism,  Swivel & Plug

FloMAX International Fuel Nozzles have the FloMAX patented modular back pressure sensor. This provides reliable and repeatable shut off results every time.
The all metal construction ensures a long and durable life for the nozzle. Our FNBL nozzle can flow over 600 litres per minute with a 1½” hose. Because of this, the FNBL Nozzle is the nozzle with the highest flow rate in the industry. You can easily clean and service the nozzle in the field with the easy to remove pull-back system. The FNBL fuel nozzle uses a ball lock design.

We’ve specially designed the plug to seal out dirt and contaminants. It is attached with a S/B 1/8″ coated wire lanyard. You can easily remove the patented piston assembly to rebuild.

  • Highest flow rate of any 1½” diesel nozzle with a 1½” hose.
  • All metal construction with stainless steel nose.
  • Lightest diesel nozzle in the industry (2,6kg).
  • Factory adjustable shut off pressures.
  • Will not flow when not connected to receiver.

The FNBL model is also available with an extended nose which allows extra space between the pull-back handle and the equipment. This is an industry first and is very popular in colder climates where the operator is wearing thick gloves.

For more information on the FloMAX Extended Nose Fuel Nozzle 1½” you can contact our sales team or download the FloMAX International catalogue from our website. You can also visit the FloMAX International website.


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