Pump, Grease, 60:1 410mm, Air-Operated


– Air-Operated Grease Pump Ratio: 60:1 Mod. 660

– For standard drums 12-16kg

– Shank length 410mm

– Polyurethane Seals

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Meclube 60:1 410mm Air-Operated Grease Pump

  • Air-operated grease pump ratio=60:1 Mod. 660
  • For standard drums 12-16 kg
  • (shank length 410 mm)
  • Polyurethane seals

Grease pumps for workshop applications. Air inlet connection BSP F 1/4″ G. These pumps are suitable for central supply of plants where a high quantity of grease is required at long and short distances at a high pressure. The operating pressure of the grease pumps vary between a minimum of 2.5 bar and a maximum of 8 bar. In order to optimize the efficiency and longevity of these pumps, we recommend to use filtered and lubricated air.

For more information on the Meclube 60:1 410mm Air-Operated Grease Pump you can download the Meclube Catalogue from our website or visit the Meclube website.

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