Lid ø395mm, Drums 30-50KG Shank ø30mm


Lid for pumps with ø30mm Shank
Lid ø395mm
Outside ø340-395mm
For 30-50kg Drums

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Meclube Drum Lid 395mm diameter for drums of 30-50KG and a pump with 30mm shank diameter

Available in a variety of sizes, these drum covers are suitable for threaded ring fixing pumps. A handle provides an easy fit to the drum. It keeps the pump in a vertical position to ensure a perfect working condition.

More information can be found in the Meclube catalogue or on the Meclube website

Can be used with corresponding follower plate and one of the Meclube pumps with a 30mmØ shank.


Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 395 × 30-50 cm


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