Meclube Electric Pump: Oil Transfer 12/24Vdc


Meclube Electric Pump for Oil Transfer 12-24V-50Hz 45 l/min (12V) 60 l/min (24V)

– Power Cable 2.5 mmq 2 m long + Clips
– Self-Priming Rotary Electric Pump
– Cast Iron Body
– In-built by-pass valve
– AC Engine
– Stainless Steel Filter 100 Micron
– Motor Protection Rating: IP55

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Meclube Electric pump for oil transfer, 12-24V-50Hz. It has a flow rate of 45 l/min using 12V and up to 60 l/min using 24V.

The Meclube Electric Pump for oil transfer has the following notable features:

• Power cable with a thickness of 2,5 mmq that is 2 m long and includes clips

• Self-priming rotary electric pump

• It has a cast iron body

• Built-in by-pass valve

• AC engine

• Stainless steel filter of 100 micron

• Motor protection rating: IP55

This pump is a rotary vane electric pump with resin vanes and a mechanical seals that guarantees constant reliability, even at low temperatures. By using this pump at medium pressure, you can transfer large amounts of lubricants.

An absence of pulsations characterises the the regularity of the flow. A suction filter is supplied as standard.

For more information you can download the Meclube catalogue from our website or visit the Meclube website.


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