Meclube 120l Exhausted Oil Drain Unit with Pump


Meclube Exhausted Oil Drain Unit for Pits 120Ltr w/ Emptying Pump

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Meclube 120l Exhausted Oil Drain Unit with emptying Pump.

It has the following features:

  • Tank capacity 120 l
  • Breakwater grate on the base of the tank
  • Breakwater grate for drip the substituted oil filters
  • Adjustable wheeled supports (min 800 – max1200 mm)
  • F 3/4” G exhaust ball valve

The attached air operated pump has a ratio of 1:1. It is also equipped with a flux adjuster and a vacuum gauge.

You can use these exhausted oil drain units to catch old engine, gearbox and differential oil from any vehicles placed on the pit. The tank is equipped with a breakwater grate and an anti-reflux grate. This is ideal for placing the replaced filters to drip. The storage tank has 120l capacity.
You can transfer the used oil from the drain unit to a storage tank. We’ve connected an emptying pump directly to the unit for this purpose. You can also mount it directly on to the tank.

For any further information on the Meclube 120l Exhausted Oil Drain Unit with emptying Pump you can download the Meclube Catalogue directly from our website or visit the Meclube website. You can also contact our sales team via phone or email to discuss the different options.

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