Meclube Inflating Eurodainu Gun


Meclube Inflating Eurodainu Gun Ø80mm CE Gauge

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Meclube Inflating Eurodainu Gun.

Michelin approved inflating eurodainu gun with an 80 diameter gauge.

It has the following features:

  • approved to European Directive CEE 86/217
  • Scale 0,7-12 bar
  • Rubber gauge-cover

This inflator gun is precise, reliable, easy to use and maintains calibration stability over time. Thus the reasons why EURODAINU has become a reference tool for tyre specialists worldwide. It comes on the back of 30 years of successes and confirmations, experience and work. A constant and consistent aim to perfect and keep it competitive at top range level. Because of this, this inflator gauge has been number 1 worldwide for precision and reliability since 1983.
Also, we’ve reached new levels of accuracy thanks to the perfection of internal parts. These significantly improve the instrument’s measurement repeatability. It also increases its precision and reliability.
We’ve entirely redesigned the hose part. It was developed by the Wonder R&D department. The hose is manufactured in-house with a special compound. This blend is the result of thirty years of experience in the vulcanisation of rubber.
The new automatic injection moulding system, used for the body of the instrument, makes it easier to use. This gives the inflator gauge much more elegant lines. It also makes the instrument easier to use and more practical. Another bonus is that this also improves accuracy.*

For more information on the Meclube Inflating Eurodainu Gun you can download the Meclube catalogue from our website or visit the Meclube website.

*All information supplied is from the manufacturer’s product guide.

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