Meclube 65l Pneumatic Oil Dispenser


Meclube Dispenser Oil 65Lt Pneumatic Ratio: 3:1

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Meclube 65l Pneumatic Oil Dispenser, wheeled & powder coated.

It has the following equipment attached:

The Meclube Manual Oil Dispenser has a pneumatic pump with the following features:

  • Double-acting air-operated oil pump Mod.603
  • Ratio=3:1 Delivery capacity 30 l/min
  • For standard drums of 50-60 l
  • Shank length740 mm
  • Polyurethane seals

It also has a Oil dispensing nozzle equipped with:

  • Handle with F 1/2” swivel joint
  • Flexible end 90°
  • Automatic drop valve Ø 14 mm

The hose included has a working pressure of 160 bar and will only burst at 640 bar. It is used to fill and maintain oils of every viscosity. The working pressure can range between 3,5 to 8,5 bar. It has a maximum delivery of 13 liters per minute. There is also a manual 65l oil dispenser available from our store.

For any further information on the Meclube 65l Pneumatic Oil Dispenser you can download the Meclube Catalogue directly from our website or visit the Meclube website. You can also contact our sales team via phone or email to discuss the different options available.

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