Pressureless Vent / Level Control


The vent/level control system operates using 5” long, 1/2”NPT piping, allowing for compatibility with more than 80% of heavy equipment used worldwide.

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The PLA150-M VLCE Vent/Level Control is a noteworthy improvement from the PLA150-M VLC. This new level control has expanded adaptation and features. The VLCE comes with both an external and internal signal line port. It has integrated roll over spill protection and comes with the standard 2″ NPT. The VLCE’s biggest advancement, over the VLC, is the removal of all 1″ spacers. This system operates using 1/2″ NPT piping which is 5″ long, making the system compatible with more than 80% of equipment used world wide. If a 5″ length pipe is not the right length, then it can be extended by simply cutting and threading a 1/2″ pipe to reach the desired shut off level. This system also includes extra 1/2″ pipe that comes in 2 and 3″ lengths and the necessary Loctite to secure your pipe. The VLCE is precisely engineered to function on the largest tanks down to tanks with only only 4″ of operating space.

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