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TITAN PSF is preferred for use in power steering systems. It has a very good viscosity-temperature behavior insuring proper steering support at low temperatures and satisfactory hydraulic efficiency even at high thermal loads

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TITAN PSF (6x1L) is a power steering fluid for use in auxiliary equipment in automotive vehicles like power steering, fluid clutches, and hydraulic components.


Customers prefer TITAN PSF for use in power steering systems because it has very good wear protection properties. It can realize fill-for-life-potential in some applications. TITAN PSF has a very good viscosity temperature behaviour and thus insures proper steering support at low temperatures and satisfactory hydraulic efficiency, even at high thermal loads. The favourable foaming properties and the excellent aging resistance are the basis for a problem-free service life. TITAN PSF is miscible and compatible with conventional branded power steering fluids. However, to fully utilize the product’s benefits, don’t mix it with other power steering fluids. A complete oil change is recommended when converting to TITAN PSF.


  • Good wear protection properties
  • Very good ageing and oxidation stability in power steering systems
  • Successful suppression of foaming prevents from cavitation


  • MB-APPROVAL 236.3

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