Conditions of Sale:

1. Prices are valid for a period of 7 days from date of quote, subject to Rand (ZAR) vs. Dollar (USD) exchange rate fluctuation in excess of 3% from that determined on the date of quotation.

2. Handling Fee of 50% will be charged if an order is cancelled or goods returned unused.

3. Should a scheduled job be cancelled, 24hrs notice must be given by the customer. If not, a 4hr call out fee will be charged.

4. Payment terms are 30 days NETT for all account holders, otherwise COD NETT before commencement.

5. Standing time and normal labour to be charged at R615.00 p.h.

6. Traveling to be charged at R9.40 when applicable.

7. 4 Hours minimum labour charge will be logged on after hour callouts. Standby Number: 079 884 0632

8. A Strip & Quote fee will be applicable for repairs.

9. The customer will be liable for any loss of revenue or damages sustained as a result of the interruption or the delay of business caused by any incident, accident, lock-out, industrial action, poor planning, machine availability or any potentially dangerous situation or condition that might negatively affect the ability of IFS to complete scheduled work in time. Such lost time and related charges will select under the heading Standing Time and will be billed at the disclosed rate as per standard terms and conditions of this agreement.

10. The Customer will be liable for charges amounting to the total labour and travelling that was originally quoted if a Scheduled job is cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled commencement.

Amendments might be based on the following but not limited to:

a. Detailed design changes to accommodate specific functionality requirements

b. Component specification changes as per latest best practice guidelines

c. Strip and Quote labour charges, whether the item is repairs or not

d. Additional repair or replacement charges should components be found to be damaged or compromised

12. No cheques accepted – If paying COD through EFT, 7 days waiting period prior to collection of goods will be required to clear funds.

Warranty and accountability:

IFS warrant that the products, services and equipment supplied, will meet all agreed specifications or standards. It is further undertaken that all products, parts and equipment will be of good quality and free from material defects or errors in workmanship.

Partial Repairs on fuel, oil, grease and other systems can affect old / current components and can cause component failure. IFS reserve the right to waive any warranty on any component or subsequent damages caused by faulty components, not supplied as new or as part of the specific Scope of Work. Repair costs, parts and labour will be for customer’s account unless it can be proven that a component supplied as new had failed within the given warranty period, causing subsequent damages in which case IFS will be liable for replacement and installation costs.

IFS offer a standard one year warranty on all components and a three month warranty on all repairs with the exception of wear parts effective from date of installation.

All claims under this warranty for defective products, parts, equipment or work must be made in writing immediately upon discovery and in any case within 1(one) month after the date of delivery or after notification that the goods are ready for dispatch or delivery of the relevant item or completion of the relevant work, as the case may be.

Defective items must be held for our inspection and returned to the original place of delivery at our request. Before return the customer shall clean the item and shall mark the item sufficiently to enable us to identify it as an item returned by the customer.

Upon submission by the customer of a claim as provided above and its substantiation we shall at our discretion either: Repair or replace the product, part, equipment or work concerned at the original point of delivery; or

Refund an equitable portion of the purchase or contract price.

In the case of repair or replacement we shall not be liable to effect the same more than once. The foregoing shall be our only obligations and the customer’s only remedies for breach of warranty. The customer shall give our representative free and unrestricted access to the item to be repaired or deliver such item to us.

Any abuse, retro fitment on IFS equipment by another company and physical damage caused to major components or wear parts during operation will render the warranty nil and void. This warranty does not cover damage or wear caused by abrasion, corrosion, inadequate or improper maintenance, negligence, accident, tampering, or substitution of non-IFS component parts. In cases where enclosures or equipment is secured with safety tags, the warranty will be void if tags are removed or tampered with. IFS will not be liable for collateral damage caused as a result of any system failure or malfunction.