Technical Bulletin - January 2019

 2019-01-23 04:41 PM by

GreaseMax® Automatic Lubricator units are a chemical operating system rather than an electrical (battery powered) operation.

GreaseMax® lubricators are based on a simple and successfully proven design concept. One that is certain to deliver:

  • accurate discharge
  • simple and easy use
  • reliable operation in all situations – hot, cold, moving, vibrating, wet,underwater, on feed lines; 
  • NO electrical components; 
  • NO mechanical components; 

These units however are NOT refillable as a refillable product is more complex, one which would require a relatively time-consuming change-over of batteries and grease cartridges.

For assistance with your desired application of the GreaseMax® units, IFS is here for you! 

Sample units are available*