Technical Bulletin November 2019

 2019-11-29 09:17 AM by

Lumier® control systems provide a central information hub for peripheral systems on mobile & stationery equipment. One area where these systems really shine is terrain monitoring on mobile equipment. Our bi- and quad laser systems are installed to measure, report and warn operators on surrounding terrain. They are integrated with an on-board full colour touch screen display.

The lasers used for these systems have high sample rates (16x per second) which provide precise and focused measurements with a range of up to 50 meters and an accuracy of up to 10mm. They also have no mechanical parts and a stainless steel housing. We also have dust tubes available for protection of these lasers in the field.

Meclube’s exhausted oil drain units are used for draining & catching waste engine, gearbox and differential oil from all vehicles on the pit.

The units are equipped with a breakwater grill and anti-reflux grill, ideal for resting and draining replaced Filters. The recovered waste oil can be pumped from the recovery tank to storage tanks by means of an emptying pump connected to the plant or mounted directly on the unit.

Both options are provided for in the range.

This nifty product is a self-contained mobile foam unit, which has been specifically developed for the rapid deployment of a foam extinguishing agent to fires and chemical spills.

Requiring only connection to a suitable water supply, the standard unit comprises a 120 litre foam concentrate tank. A shut off ball valve is also fitted to the branch pipe as standard to facilitate swift operation by just one person.

All of this combined makes this unit ideal for the protection of flammable liquid hazards such as boiler rooms, oil storage and loading terminals, paint or spirit stores, airfields, industrial sites, generator rooms and similar high risk areas.

This highly versatile unit is suitable for use with any type of foam concentrate. The ability to use AWG M2 and AWG M4 medium expansion foam branch pipes with this unit, makes it particularly suitable for rapid intervention in cases where vapour suppression of chemical spills is a necessity.

Tank capacity: 120L
Rated flow rate: 4L/M
Rated pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa
Discharge range: ≥15m
Contents: Foam
Mixing Ratio: 3-3.9 / 6-7%
Expansion Ratio: ≥4
25% Drainage Time: ≥60s

The Kränzle’s Quadro series has  a double axle chassis and 4 wheels which sets a new benchmark with regard to stability while offering the highest conformity during operations that require frequent change of position. Large oversized gears and oil housings are used which significantly increase life expectancy even with rough industrial use.

And of course, the integrated hose reel with hinged crank and up to 20m high-pressure hose are standard on many of the Quadro models, as well as the robust crash protection and integrated water tank.