Techical Bulletin

October 2018

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Perfect for any workshop environment, IFS offer a range of Meclube trolleys allowing you to effectively transport drums or barrels of different sizes and weights (within range 16<220KG) without putting any extra strain on your own body to do so. Range includes smaller trolley units with 2-wheels, and up to larger ones with 4-wheels. Selected units include a band to fix the drum to ensure it is transported safely and does not tip over.

The larger trolleys include a base allowing you to also have a hose reel fitted should it be desired.





At times spillages cannot be prevented so be sure to rather be prepared for these unexpected clean-ups. There are specific corrective measures to be taken to ensure your work area is safe and environment protected.

IFS offer a variety of Spill Kits combos and also supply inventory separately. Products of top quality, from coco peat; peat moss; absorbent pillows and socks; variety of waste bags; wheelie bins and even the appropriate shovels; brooms and basic PPE to make the clean-up a simple yet effective task.

** Options are available depending on the specific type of spillage.





In aim to simply protect your equipment, the efficiency and life-time of your air-operated equipment can be optimised by ensuring you use condensate and particle free air at the correct pressure and lubricated. IFS offer a range of Pressure Regulator units.

An Air Lubricator and Gauge are optional.

Depending on your application, different unit sets are available in a variety of sizes.





Want a compact reel that is easy to fit and simple to use…?

Well, we have got one for you!

This Meclube Closed Automatic Hose Reel fitted with 11+1.5mtr Blue Polyurethane Hose is suitable for Compressed Air or Water. The spring hose allows you to untwist only the necessary length needed, improving the working and functionality. The retraction of the hose is quick and safe, ensuring the work area will remain tidy and safe for staff to commence with their functions when the reel is not being used.






How is your current Grease Gun Coupler working for you? NOT SATISFIED?

Then why not consider the G. Coupler. . .


The G. Coupler is a simple and effective unit and here are some features you need to know about it:

  • Easy to attach and detach as it has a Spring Loaded Activation Trigger so simply depress the trigger when locking the coupler onto the Zerk or to release the coupler when done. Clip-off is easy, regardless of the pressure build up in the line, so NO MORE stuck couplers. Additionally there is NO NEED TO HOLD WHILE GREASING, so just lock-on and free up both hands to operate your grease gun.
  • The Sliding Sleeve design locks the coupler onto the Zerk. So when you pump grease it is sure to stay on!
  • The four hardened spring steel jaws are RESILIENT UNDER HIGH PRESSURE and fits all DIN and SAE specification Zerk grease nipples.
  • The High Pressure Seal design ensures that your LEAKAGE IS REDUCED.
  • The ⅛” NPT Female Thread is a standard size that fits most grease guns and grease gun compatibility works with all grease gun types: PNEUMATIC; MANUAL; ELECTRIC.



- Max Pressure 10,000 psi (690 Bar)

- Diameter (front coupler) 31/32 in (16 mm)

- Seal Durable nitrile rubber seal for longevity under high pressure