Service Truck Rentals & POS

What is POS?

Point of Sale (POS) refers to the capability to deliver lubricants and grease to your machine on site and charge per litre. Rebates on lubricant supply offset rental fees.
The POS programme brings together reliable and cost-effective lubricant supply without the infrastructure or inventory expenses.
This type of agreement is well suited to medium term operations with multiple equipment pieces in close proximity. A stable demand profile will ensure competitive pricing.


What We Do

We Deliver

With a 15 year track record and customisable setup options, our vehicles have proven to be fit for purpose to deliver multiple lubricants in any terrain.

We Monitor

A good time to check the auxiliary systems on your machine while topping up the grease and fluids. 

We Report

A daily service report with a checklist per machine, which includes pictures is immediately available after a machine is visited. 

Your Investment


Only pay for lubricants once in your machine
Rental costs are subsidized by the rebates on the lubricants
Critical daily checks
Efficient top up service

How you save

Reduced Stock holding
Pro-active reporting
Infrastructure and maintenance costs
Time – trucks operate independent of maintenance schedules

Services & Reporting

Regular machine visits with lubricant and grease top-ups
Inspection of transfer and filling points
Lube system checks
Daily consumption report per machine

Dedicated vehicle for daily checks and top-ups!