240L Chemical Spill Kit


Tankkraft Chemical Spill Kit Wheelie Bin 240L

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240L Chemical Spill Kit absorbs 140l Acids, Bases And Aggressive Chemicals.

The kit consist of the following:

  • 1 X 240l Wheelie Bin.
  • 1 X 5kg Acid Absorbent Powder (30l In Total).
  • 1 X 5kg Chemical Absorbent Scatter (50l In Total). Ideally suited to chemical and acid spillages. 500g absorbs around 3L of liquid.
  • 4 X Hazmat Booms (4.8m In Total).
  • 4 X Hazmat Absorbent Pillows. The pillows have a large surface area. This allows them to absorb high quantities of liquid over a short period of time.
  • 1 X Polyethylene Shovel. This shovel is durable and manufactured from polyethylene to create an anti-static and non-conductive product.
  • 1 X Industrial Broom. Hard wearing industrial synthetic broom to assist with quick and easy spill clean-up.
  • 1 X Pair Of Heavy Duty PVC Gloves.
  • 1 X Pair Of Safety Goggles.
  • 1 X Dust Mask.
  • 5 X Heavy Duty Recovery Bags. These bags are high quality and durable and made from polyethyethylene. These bags are for industry specific needs.
  • 1 X Spill Instruction Guide.
  • 1 X Inventory Guide.

Included in the spills kit are dust masks, safety goggles and heavy-duty PVC gloves. This ensures the greatest possible worker safety when dealing with spills.

Items in the 240L Chemical Spill Kit can be purchased individually or as Spill Kit Refills. Please feel free to contact us to enquire accordingly.

For more information on spill kits you can read this article on our blog or have a look at this article to learn how to deal with spills.

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