Pump, Oil, 5:1 1250mm, Air-Operated


Double-acting air-operated oil pump Mod.605

Ratio: 5:1
Delivery capacity: 28l/min

For standard tanks of 750-1500L
Shank length 1250mm
Polyurethane Seals

With threaded ring for drum connection.

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Meclube 5:1 1250mm Air-operated Oil Pump standard tanks of 750 – 1500 l

  • Double-acting air-operated oil pump Mod.605
  • ratio=5:1 Delivery capacity 28 l/min
  • For standard tanks of 750-1500 l
  • (shank length1250 mm)
  • Polyurethane seals

You can use these pumps for the transfer of low viscosity oils and anti-freeze over short to medium distances (40 to 50 meters). This makes these pumps suitable for oil distribution facilities in workshops as well as for industrial vehicles where high delivery with more than one dispensing point is required.
Delivery capacity of a pump varies according to particular applications and combinations:

– The pressure of the air supplied
– The consistency and temperature of the fluid
– Dimensions of the delivery hose
– Dimensions of the connections
– Type of gun used.

Operating pressure may vary between a minimum of 3 bar and a maximum of 8 bar. The double acting guarantees the delivery of a continuous and constant flow, suitable for installation in distribution facilities. To optimize the efficiency and longevity of these pumps, we recommend that you use filtered and lubricated air.

For more information on the Meclube 5:1 1250mm Air-operated Oil Pump you can download the Meclube Catalogue from our website or visit the Meclube website or contact our sales team

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