Meclube Diesel Tank 440 12V w/ Flow Meter


Meclube Diesel Tank 440 12V with Flow Meter. It includes the following:

– 1x Battery Electric Pump for Diesel Fuel Transfer 12V 45l/min
– 1x Digital Turbine Flow Meter IN-LINE min-max flow rate 10-150l/min
– 1x Automatic Nozzle “PA60” for Diesel Fuel Transfer
– 1x Aspiration Kit with PVC Hose with Valve + Filter L. 4 m
– 1x Antistatic Rubber Hose 10 Bar for Diesel Fuel 4 m

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Meclube Diesel Tank 440 12V with Flow Meter. It includes the following:

A Rigid polyethylene tank for diesel transport for non-commercial use. It comes with a built-in transfer unit consisting of a rotary vane self-priming pump available in various voltages (12- 24V). It has a delivery hose that is 20mm in diameter and 4,5 m long. Also included is an automatic nozzle with rotary fitting.

Meclube Diesel Tank 440 L with Flow Meter is available at 220 or 440 liters capacity and can be integrated with a flow meter for measuring diesel as well as a level probe. A suction shut-off valve prevents leaks of liquid during transport. It is also has a pressurizing/depressurizing relief valve. The lockable lid boasts rugged design and proven long-lasting service.

For more information you can download the Meclube catalogue from our website or visit the Meclube website.

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