Tankkraft Mobile Filtration Unit


Tankkraft Mobile Filtration Unit available for rental.

Ideal for draining or filtration of diesel and oil on site. Has a slave engine to drive onboard pump. Various filtration options.

*Pricing is per day

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Tankkraft Mobile Filtration Unit drains or filters your dirty oil and diesel on-site. And it can do this without disrupting production too much. Your machines won’t be standing for too long. It has a slave engine to drive the on-board pump. There are various filtration options to choose from to fit your on-site requirements.
Just get it to your machine, clean your fluids and get going again! It could not be any easier.

The Tankkraft Mobile Filtration Unit offers the following:

  • One 1,1/2″ Graco Hose Reel fitted with 15m 1 1/4″ Hose
  • eight 3-micron Donaldson filters
  • A debris removing strainer with 60L/min flow rate
  • A Flow Meter
  • two 1000 liter IBC tanks

Selection valves to select between the available kidney options:

  • from the machine through the filters and back to the machine
  • from the machine into the two 1000L tanks and then from the tanks back to the machine (after the required cycles of kidney filtration have been met).

Tankkraft has a high standard of design and manufacturing. One of our lubrication technicians will be monitoring and maintaining the trailer on-site. This means you will have the peace of mind that a trained proffessional is in charge of maintenance.
The on-board Donaldson spin-on filters offer fast, simple and clean servicing without the need for specialized tools. The way this is achieved is because of Donaldson-exclusive filter media. These filters offer greater protection from contamination during its’ use than other traditional cartridge style filters. This further enhances high initial filtration effectiveness. Because of this the

For more details you can download our Tankkraft Trailer Pamphlet from our download page.

Or you could contact our sales team on 013 690 1175 or sales.support@ifsworld.co.za to discuss other available options.

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